Spread the Word Like Wildfire… With a Newsletter!

A newsletter is a form of direct marketing that is sent to folks who are subscribed to your list. If you haven’t started a newsletter yet, here a couple options you might consider: Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

You might wonder, how do you get people added to your list? Well, you can start with a sign-up sheet at your presentations. If you have a special report or other info product, you can add a sign-up to your website, such as this free audio (from my good friend and client Vicki Suiter), and then add their name to your newsletter list. You can also research people in organizations you want to connect with as well.

Decide how frequently you want to send out newsletters. You may decide weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and then send newsletter blasts periodically to announce a special event or offer.

You should strive for a consistent message between your social media and newsletter. When you send out a newsletter, you should also post tidbits on Facebook and Twitter. You may also consider adapting one of the components of your newsletter for you blog.

Remember, this is a great task for a virtual assistant to help you with, just as all info products are great projects for a virtual assistant.


About Pretty Smart Virtual Services

I'm the Chief Overwhelm Eliminator at Pretty Smart Virtual Services - where we specialize in Rescuing YOU Out of Overwhelm So You Can Do What You Love. Take Back Your Life--Let Us Tackle Your To-Do List! Specialties: Dreamweaver, Audacity, Audio Acrobat, InstantTeleseminar, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Joomla, Drupal, Google+, Pinterest I'd love to connect with you here on LinkedIn, please send me a connect request. If you'd like to learn how a virtual assistant can help you leverage your business efforts, please email me and let me know you'd like to set up a complimentary discovery session.
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