Event Promo

We often to event promo for our clients. This usually entails proliferating events via social media, as well as posting the event on various event promotion sites. There are tons of places to post events, and we’ll discuss some of our favorites. First, I’d like to share a success story.

I was promoting a teleseminar for a client about a year ago. We found a new place to promo events, teleseminarnation.com. As this was a new site, we weren’t really sure what the response would be – and wouldn’t you know within 24 hours we had a sign up that noted this site as how they discovered the event… Success!

Here are some of our favorite places to promo LIVE events:

Local newspapers: Newspapers have great calendars and event listing services available. You typically have free options, or you can pay for more publicity for your event. Don’t forget to check out smaller neighborhood papers too.

Craigslist: Craigslist offers free event posting, another great place to promote your event

Event promo sites: Eventbrite, Eventful, EveryCircle, and Workit

Now, you may be promoting an online event, such as a webinar or teleseminar. Here are some other options for event promo specific to online events:


  • Conference Call University
  • Teleseminarnation.com

Don’t forget you can also create an event on Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of places we promote events, just a sample to get you started. Please feel free to share other sites you use to promote events!


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