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Cool Photos I’ve taken

As I’ve previously shared, my husband and I enjoy taking photos…especially of waterfalls. I’m including a few of my favorite shots below, with a short description of where we took the photo. This photo was taken in the Mt. Shasta … Continue reading

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10 Random Things About Me

I have been enjoying the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I’ve been committed to this month. In this blog post I am sharing 10 random things about me. Here they are, in no particular order: I enjoy camping, hiking and all … Continue reading

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Blogs I Recommend Reading

I’m a big proponent of sharing resources and when I find something I love, I love to share it. This post is dedicated to the wonderful bloggers out there who have inspired me to continue writing and persevere! Here are … Continue reading

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The #1 Social Media Mistake You Could be Making and How to Avoid It by Guest Blogger Katrina Sawa

So many people (including those experts) are making such a big mistake in your social media marketing efforts and I hate to see this. ┬áIt’s just because you don’t know what you don’t know. The thing I see people doing … Continue reading

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Cool Places I’ve Visited

My husband and I are travelers…we love to get away for a long weekend, or in some cases, the longer week or two trips. Here are some of my favorite places we’ve visited: Havasupai in the Grand Canyon Shasta City, … Continue reading

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Bald Eagle Appreciation Day

I didn’t realize this was an actual holiday, but found out during the course of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that it is indeed a holiday celebrated on January 26th! I absolutely love birds…eagles, hawks, our pet cockatiels…I just love them. … Continue reading

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10 Powerful Women Book Now Available!

I am so excited to share the release of my third compilation book, 10 Powerful Women: 10 Strategic Insights into Building Business! This project started in 2012 and as quickly as I came on board to participate in the project, … Continue reading

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