Chi-Generating Rituals and Daily Activities…

Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All“A Chi-Generating Ritual is performed every day…either at the beginning or the end or at both the beginning and the end of the day.” (Page 150, Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All. Get your copy here:

I have a variety of Chi-Generating Rituals that I do both in the morning and at night. Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment to follow up with the specialist about my vocal cord issue that has been ongoing for 4 months.

YL_lavenderoilThe appointment was at 2 pm and I had to prepare to head out around 1 pm for the commute, parking, etc. As I began getting my things together, I felt myself begin to get anxious…stressed a little bit even. I started thinking about the ‘what ifs…’ Then I found myself immediately going to get my essential oils, in particular, lavender. I put some over my heart (the meditation shared in Chapter 7, Page 161-162 of Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All is the 4th Chakra, the Heart: “I am enough”) and over my throat (the 5th Chakra: “I express”). I chose lavender for the soothing qualities.

I got in the car and began to feel more calm and definitely more aware of my surroundings. I could feel all of me senses very activated–I felt my breath calm in my chest. I felt my vision being incredibly focused as I drove–I was very acutely aware of so much detail around me. I could hear birds singing as I was driving (had the windows down of course!). I wasn’t eating or drinking anything, so my sensation of taste, while I’m certain was heightened and on “full alert,” I didn’t have a direct experience.

By the time I got to the doctor’s office, I climbed 6 flights of stairs to the specialist’s office and waited, I noticed I was completely calm. And I remembered in my Chi-Generating Rituals that I had been earlier feeling stressed about the potential outcome, official diagnosis and the “what ifs.” This time, as I thought about those things, I didn’t have stress or anxiety…it was more of being an observer to the situation and saying, “hmm, that’s interesting–let’s explore that.” A getting curious about it.

So, the result of the appointment was that I didn’t get a diagnosis…when I walked down the stairs back to my car, I sat there for a good long while, reflecting and engaging in another Chi-Generating Ritual of prayer and reflection. Nothing was revealed to me of epic proportions, however, I am feeling more comfortable with where I am in this journey of voice-less-ness. Yes, the unknown is scary; yes, the situation sucks; however, I have discovered over the past several weeks, I’m getting into alignment with my TRUE purpose and what I AM called to be doing. That’s EXCITING!

When I got home, I again felt a bit anxious and out of sorts, so I decided to go for a run and ‘clear my head’…focus on breathing and the scenery around me. I only ran for about a half hour, and came home–I felt AMAZING.

What I realized is that as I dug deeper into my situation, the more anxiety and other feelings presented themselves; the more I kept turning to another Chi-Generating Ritual to keep my energy up. I also made sure to check in with my accountability partner, Stacey Hall, the author of Chi-To-Be! and shared with her my day and that was like a big hug.  #ChiToBe

My question for you is when you experience stress, overwhelm, fear or anxiety, what Chi-Generating ritual do you employ?

Peaceful scenery


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