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Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit

My friend, Katrina Sawa, is holding her annual Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales Summit in CA April 3, 4, & 5 and here are 3 reasons why you want to attend: 1) If you need to know anything about social media, … Continue reading

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A Year and a Half in Review…and What’s Next

I lost my mom in July 2012…and the circumstances were unusual ones – we weren’t terribly close (although I worked every day to make it better on my end, she wasn’t willing to change on her end – and in … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: You and Your Business : A Love Affair Gone Sour?

Remember when you first conceived of the idea for your business, then put things in motion to launch it? Remember how strongly you believed that you could make a difference – for a small group of people (your niche) or … Continue reading

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